Unit Group

9214 Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing

Supervisors in this unit group supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers who operate processing machines and who fabricate, assemble and inspect rubber or plastic products. They are employed by rubber and plastic products manufacturing companies and in plastic parts divisions of other manufacturing companies.

Example Titles

foreman/woman, blow moulding
foreman/woman, calendering – rubber and plastic manufacturing
foreman/woman, extruding – rubber and plastic manufacturing
supervisor, injection moulding – plastic products manufacturing
supervisor, plastic products manufacturing
supervisor, rubber products manufacturing
supervisor, tire building

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Main duties

Supervisors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of production workers who operate processing machines and who fabricate, assemble, finish or inspect plastic or rubber parts and products
  • Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments
  • Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality
  • Requisition materials and supplies
  • Train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policies
  • Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • Prepare production and other reports
  • May set up machines and equipment.

Employment requirements

  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • Post-secondary education in sciences or plastics technology may be required for some positions in this group.
  • Several years of experience as a machine operator or an assembler in rubber or plastic products manufacturing is usually required.

Classified elsewhere

  • Labourers in rubber and plastic products manufacturing (9615)
  • Plastic products assemblers, finishers and inspectors (9535)
  • Plastics processing machine operators (9422)
  • Rubber processing machine operators and related workers (9423)

Classification Structure - 9